Substance Abuse & Recovery
24-hour Information & Referral Line – (216) 623-6888

(216) 623-6888

Treatment for Men – (216) 781-0288
Treatment for Women – (216) 634-7500
(216) 591-0324

202 E. Bagley Rd

At OhioGuidestone, we believe that every individual and community is unique and that their needs are different. Because of this, we’ve created flexible, customized programs designed to help children, families and communities, especially those in need. Our innovative, comprehensive programs preserve family relationships, help make children and families more self-sufficient and reduce clients’ need for future social service or court interventions. They are focused on making a positive, lasting, measurable difference in the lives and communities we serve. At OhioGuidestone, we strive to provide a 360o support network. Learn more about our programs or services here:


Our Programs and Services